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Hello!! Welcome to my world :) I am a B.E. student and a self declared Bibliophile. Reading has taken its toll on me and now its time I pen something myself ;) Apart from my love for books, I also love sketching, painting, singing and cooking (Well only for the occasional experiments that i make ;)) Of course, now writing top the above list! This blog is a platform for me to share my thoughts. If you like any of my posts, do stop by and leave a comment :)

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Monday, 9 November 2015

TitleOnly Whet Not White 
AuthorVarsha Dixit
PublisherPenning Publishing
Number of Pages262
Price63 [INR]
Genre: Romance

The Blurb:

What if the one you completely love is the one you simply can't! Twenty-six-year-old Eila Sood moves to America to mend fences with her estranged older sister, Sheela. Eila and the rest of the family in India had cut off ties with Sheela after she married Steve Jacobs, 'out of caste, and out of color'. Elia soon realizes that Sheela's marriage is on the rocks. To help pay Sheela's household bills, Eila takes a second job at an afternoon strip club. When she crosses paths with the owner, the handsome Brett Wright or 'blue-eyed ogre' as Elia calls him, he both infuriates and fascinates her. Brett turns out to be her reluctant and unquestionably sarcastic knight in shining armor. As Eila and Brett spend more time together their desire for each other builds. However, when Brett discovers the true reason for Eila's refusal he storms out of her life, accusing her of being a prejudiced coward. Will Eila find the courage to break stereotypes and embrace her love? Will Brett find solace in the arms of his ex-girlfriend Cate? Will Sheela and Steve divorce? All of these questions and more are answered in Varsha Dixit's latest and humorous and steamy love story.

My Review:

       The title of the story made me curious. 'What might actually be the story behind it?' was what prompted me to pick up this book. And I am glad I did. It was such a wonderful and hilarious read.

      When Eila leaves India to work in New York, there is only one rule her mom sets for her - Only Wheat Not White. Eila agrees readily because she had never imagined meeting a handsome blue eyed ogre, who though irritates her to no end at first, later makes her go weak in the knees and make her want to stop time just so that she could be with him. While Eila set out to New York, it was only to mend the broken ties of her family. Sheela was outcasted for marrying Steve, a foreigner, against her family's wishes. After years when Eila comes to meet her sister, her only goal is to bring her family together. But things start to get complicated when she realizes Sheela's is not a happy marriage. When things get difficult, Eila goes an extra mile to support her sister but what will happen when she falls for Brett Wright? Will she be able to ignore her feelings for long and abide by her mother's rule or will love overpower her fears of suffering the same feat at Sheela?

       In a country where love marriages still raise eyebrows, marrying someone from a different country is out of questions. Love, quarrels, hatred, heart breaks, friendship, craziness - the story has it all. The NRI life style has been portrayed perfectly. The unexpected turn of events, the steaming hot love story between Eila and the handsome Brett, Steve's soft side, Eila's uncanny ability to fall into trouble all made the story all the more interesting. 

Things I Liked:

  • I loved Brett Wright! The handsome, drool worthy male protagonist made sure I never lost interest in the story.
  • It wasn't just Brett, the narration, the pace and the articulation, everything is mixed perfectly which makes the book a big success.
  • I loved the subtle sense of humor which was sprinkled throughout the story.
  • Eila's clumsiness, her bouts with the most embarrassing situations and her actions makes you laugh.
  • Eila's habit of putting someone's happiness before her's, the way she helps her sister even though she had to step out of her comfort zone, made her an endearing person. (But when she refuses to see sense when it came to Brett, I wanted to shake her up)
  • Even the side characters were sketched well. I loved Megan the most. Eila's role of cupid in Megan's love story and her tips were sometimes hilarious. 


       Pick up the book without second thoughts. It is a funny and fast paced read and definitely a page turner. It will leave you rolling with laughter and will make a good weekend read. Highly recommended.

My Rating:

Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Starry Eyed Reader :)


  1. Happy you had a good laugh :D I did too. I resonated with this book having lived in both the cultures and loving both the cultures. But I swear.. we Indian parents are really cool in the art of blackmailing our kids :P

  2. Thank you for your kind and humbling review. All I want is that my readers, live, laugh and cry with the characters and because of the characters. Your insightful review makes me feel like I did it :). So thank you for making a writer feel good with your writings. :) Good luck!


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