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Hello!! Welcome to my world :) I am a B.E. student and a self declared Bibliophile. Reading has taken its toll on me and now its time I pen something myself ;) Apart from my love for books, I also love sketching, painting, singing and cooking (Well only for the occasional experiments that i make ;)) Of course, now writing top the above list! This blog is a platform for me to share my thoughts. If you like any of my posts, do stop by and leave a comment :)

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Title: The Curse of Brahma 
Author: Jagmohan Bhanver
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
ISBN: 978-81-291-3533-9
Number of Pages: 375
Price: 295 [INR]
Genre: Mythological Fiction

The Blurb:

The man who became a Brahmarishi...
The curse that banished him to the hell of hells...
And the revenge that threatens to destroy the three worlds...

When Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, banishes his star pupil from Swarglok in a fit of rage, he does not foresee that his decision will alter the fate of the three worlds. Mortally wounded, and anguished at Brahma's unfair punishment, his pupil struggles to survive in Tamastamah Prabha, the hell of hells. In time, he becomes the Dark Lord, the most feared figure in Pataal Lok, who swears to destroy Brahma.

The power of the Dark Lord soon begins to make its presence felt in the mortal world. Vasudev, the brave prince of Bateshwar, becomes the hunter of Asura assassins; his closest friend, Kansa, almost dies while trying to save his sister from a group of deadly monsters; and the most valiant kings in Mrityulok turn over to the dark side, driven by forces beyond their control.

Only one person threatens the Dark Lord's well-laid plans - Devki, the beautiful princess of Madhuvan, who is destined to give birth to the warrior Krishna.

Will the Dark Lord allow Krishna - the person who has been prophesied to destroy him - to be born?

My Review:

       I love mythological stories and that is what prompted me to read this book. And I must say, I wasn't disappointed. Generally, when we are told the story of Lord Krishna, it is Krishna's glory that is sung all the while. And Kansa will just portrayed as an evil uncle. But what was the story behind his behavior? Why did a person so good as he was, turn out to be so evil? What exactly is the definition of evil and why people turn over to the dark side? The book deals with so many such aspects before coming to a halt at a point just before Krishna's birth.

       There is one more story that runs in parallel with Kansa's story and soon gets interlinked with it - the story of the Dark Lord who once was Brahma's favorite pupil. Banished to the hell of hells, he seeks revenge and he has risen so much in power that even Brahma is somewhat scared of his pupil. The mere mention of his name itself sends chills down the spines of even the deadliest demons but there is one person who has the potential the upsurge all his plan - Devaki. And the dark lord leaves no stone unturned until he gets rid of her. But it isn't that easy. 

       This book is all about The Dark Lord and Kansa. It will reveal many secrets unknown to most of us, which will help us evaluate the story in a different perspective.

Things I Liked:

       I loved the way the author has handled the whole story. The way he has described each and every event, I could visualize what was happening in the book. The horrific details are written to such a perfection that at times you get chills down your spine. The book was unputdownable. The narration was gripping and so was the story. It will leave you asking for more. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in the trilogy.

Things I Disliked:

      At some points, I felt the story was dragged a bit which might make the readers lose interest for a while but the story soon gets back on track, not leaving the reader much disappointed. There were a few typos too which could have been avoided and the book would have been much better.


       I loved reading this book. Recommended for all mythology lovers.

My Rating:

PS: I received this book as a part of b00k r3vi3w Tours.

Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Starry Eyed Reader :)


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