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Monday, 30 March 2015

TitleLemon Girl 
Author & PublisherJyoti Arora
Number of Pages262
Price122.79 [INR]
Type: eBook

The Blurb:

'It's all your fault.'
Mere words these are.
"But words can possess a shadow invincible enough to rob even a soul of its eternity."

In a society that finds it easier to mark sins of a victim than the culprit, Nirvi is a young girl punishing herself for the faults she did not do and avenging her hurts by defeating her own truth.
She is scared of her future, and ashamed of her past. She is failing herself, and knows it. She has had a long line of boyfriends, and hated them all. She detests the guy she is living with, runs away from the one she loves , and seduces the one who can never love her.
When Arsh first sees Nirvi, she's a free and frank girl in whose eyes sparkle the lemony zest of life. The next time he sees her, she is a voiceless doll draped in clothes that cover her body less and shroud her soul more. And Arsh can't rest till he finds out what made Nirvi give up her own real self.
Nirvi knows she is dragging herself on a path from which there can be no recovery. Can her spirit survive the treacherous downfall? Or is the pull of fear and push of desperation just too strong to withstand for a girl who believes she has "nowhere else to go" but down.

"When it's time for you to fall in love, even a lemon can become the cause of it," says Arsh.
But can love survive, when even the self love dies?
Can love survive when respect is no more?
Does true love have the power to revive a dying soul?
Find out in the pages of this brilliantly woven, intense, heart-warming and thought-provoking saga of RISING IN LOVE.

My Review:


      Meet Lemon Girl, who is bubbly and so full of life. Careless about the norms of society and living her life according to her own rules, she captures Arsh's attention completely, when he first saw her talking to her friend.

        Meet Nirvi, the same lemon girl, except she is not the same. Her laughter has vanished and her careless attitude is gone. She lives to please others and there is something about her that suggests weakness, which is so opposed to Lemon Girl's personality.

       Meet Arsh, the guy who had seen lemon Girl on one of his visit to market and has her image in mind for year. The guy who forces Nirvi back to being the Lemon Girl she was, happy and carefree.


      The story is about a girl, Nirvi, who is a victim of domestic violence. When her mother finds out this, instead of supporting her, blames her by saying it's all her fault. The poor girl takes her mother's word and lives her life thinking it was her fault that she was raped. The girl who was once vibrant, become quiet and instead of doing what she wants, tries to blend in.

       But Arsh is not ready to let her do this. He is set on knowing what changed her into this lifeless doll who acts to please others. What he finds out, leaves him aghast. He tries to bring that old girl back and just when he had succeeded in doing so, a small mistake on his part spoils everything.

       Will Arsh be able to find the Lemon Girl again? Will Nirvi see beyond what her mother said and start living her life again? Will they realize their love for each other and have the courage to follow their hearts? Read the novel to find out more.

Things that Worked:

      The narration: Some chapters were narrated in Nirvi's voice and others in Arsh's. This gave us readers an access to both of their's minds. It was a good thing, as it helped to connect with the protagonists. 

     The plot: It keeps shuttling between past and present, giving us a clue of what might have happened that made things change so much. Also the cause for Nirvi's change is kept a secret till the second half, leaving the readers to do the guess work and thus keeping curiosity alive.

     The last chapter where mass protests will be going on, gave me goose bumps. The voice of youth and Nirvi's realization, leaves an impact on the readers. The story seems realistic, which makes the book all the more interesting. The language is simple and fluid.

Things that didn't Work:

      Sometimes, just sometimes, I felt that the pace was too slow and I had to take a break from reading. But otherwise, there is nothing much that went wrong in this story or narration.


      It is a wonderful book, which addresses one of the social concerns of today's world. Jyoti Arora has done a splendid job, describing the right amount of emotions in the book that take the readers right into the world of lemon girl. A book worth reading!

My Rating4 / 5 Stars

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Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Swathi :)


  1. A wonderful review :D
    So many secret knots to open. I am curious to know :)
    My best wishes to the author.

  2. Hi, thanks for the review. Delighted to know that you enjoyed the book :)

  3. Nice review, great job by Jyoti Arora


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