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Friday, 27 February 2015

Title: The Runaway Bridegroom 
Author: Sundari Venkatraman
Publisher: Flaming Sun
Type: eBook
Number of Pages: 192
Price: 111 [INR]
Genre: Romance

The Blurb:

Chanda Maheshwari’s family is shaken when her thirteen-year-old bridegroom Veerendra runs away immediately after the wedding. The eight-year-old child doesn’t even understand the impact on her life. Unable to face their neighbours and friends, the Maheshwaris move from their village to Jaipur and begin a new life in the city. 

Fourteen years later, Chanda is studying in a Delhi College. She takes up a temporary job at RS Software Pvt. Ltd. and falls head-over-heels for the boss of the operation. But what about Ranveer Singh? Is he interested in her? 

Ranveer’s secretary Shikha is desperate to make him fall for her. All she wants is life-long security with a rich man. But it’s nerd Abhimanyu who keeps getting in the way. Abhi is Ranveer’s second-in-command and Shikha isn’t keen on him as she’s eyeing the main chance. 

When Ranveer appears to show interest in Chanda, she’s faced with a new problem. Astrologer Vidyasagar insists that she would get back with her husband Veerendra. Does anyone want to know what she wants? 

Chanda feels torn between the man she has fallen for and the family values that have been instilled in her. Will she ever find happiness?

My Review:


       Meet Chanda Maheshwari, a student in a Delhi College, an intern in RS Softwares Pvt. Ltd. She is the apple of her parents' and brothers' eyes. She is the youngest one and the most pampered one in her family. She has a secret past which stops her from dating until she meets Ranveer, who makes her heart skip a beat!

       Meet Ranveer, the successful businessman whose world revolves around his work. Women try to catch his eyes but all he can see is work and more work! Oh, also there is something mysterious about him. He lives alone and nobody knows anyrhing about his past or his family.

      Meet Shikha and Abhimanyu. Shikha is Ranveer's new secretary who is hell bent on making him fall in love with her. She has always wanted to marry a rich man and Ranveer seems to fit the bill perfectly. Abhimanyu is Ranveer's second in command and trusted friend. Unfortunately, Abhimanyu loves Shikha who thinks he is nerd and boring!

      All the characters are portrayed well. Each character is described in a way that makes you feel you know about them a lot! They are also believable and this adds more charm to the story.


       Chanda has a secret past, a secret which she hasn't shared with anyone. She was a victim of child marriage. At the age of 8, she was married to Veerendra, who ran away abandoning her on the eve of marriage. Though they moved out from their village to leave behind this painful memory, Chanda hasn't recovered yet. She still believes, in some corner of her heart, that she belongs to Veerendra. This had stopped her from dating till she sets her eyes on Ranver, the successful businessman and her new boss.

       Ranveer seems to have developed a new crush on one of the interns in his company and he does everything to fight off the attraction, only to fall more deeply for her charms. In the end, he stops fighting this attraction and gives in to the attraction. But what neither Chanda nor Ranveer expected was their past haunting them. Both have a secret which they are not willing to share yet! Will that secret destroy their relationship? Will the astrologer's Prediction about Veerendra returning in Chanda's life becomes true? Will Chanda be able to face the truth?

       The story is about love and child marriage. The author has managed to addresss a social issue in a very beautiful way. Chanda and Veer's story is beautiful to read. You can't help but wish they two overcome their differences. Shikha's part is sometimes amusing and sometimes annoying! Sometimes I felt so sorry for her. The office romance, the jealous assistant, caring family, loving in-laws, an astrologer who can make life altering predictions, child marriage, a flighty husband and amidst all these, two souls in love. All these make perfect ingredients for a Sundari's 'The Runaway Bridegroom!'

Things Which Worked: 

       The story is about a major issue faced in our country today - Child Marriage! The different story line was a welcome break. Even though it is a romance story, the way the author has managed to merge it with a social issue is commendable. The pace is moderate. The language is fluent and the story line keeps you engaged till the end. Though you will get a pretty much idea about how the story ends after the initial chapters, still you can't stop reading because you will be intrigued as to how it happens. And the author has done a very good job here, in keeping the interest alive throughout.

Things which didn't work:

       There wasn't anything much that went wrong in this book. The story line was predictable but that was overcome by the effective narration. So, no complaints there. I just spotted two or three typos in the whole book, which is to say something!

The Verdict: 

       With gripping narration and engaging story line, Sundari Venkatraman has managed to write one more best seller novel, which is sure to leave you with a smile on your face by the end of the book. If you like romance books, then just go for it. It makes a good read and it wont bore you!

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars!

Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Swathi :)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for that awesome review Swathi Shenoy! I am so glad you enjoyed reading my book :)


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