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Hello!! Welcome to my world :) I am a B.E. student and a self declared Bibliophile. Reading has taken its toll on me and now its time I pen something myself ;) Apart from my love for books, I also love sketching, painting, singing and cooking (Well only for the occasional experiments that i make ;)) Of course, now writing top the above list! This blog is a platform for me to share my thoughts. If you like any of my posts, do stop by and leave a comment :)

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Title: Playing with Fire 
Author: Devika Fernando
Format: eBook
Number of Pages: 244 Pages
Price: 239 [INR]
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Blurb:

If you’re playing with fire, prepare to get burned – or to fall in love. 

Sparks fly when Felicia and Joshua meet. Discovering her inner fire and unleashing unimaginable powers makes her realize that all her life, she has been hiding her true self. When buildings burn and people are in danger, the tempting game of playing with fire becomes serious. Will their love and desperate struggle for control save her life, or will the fire magic turn itself against its mistress?

My Review:

       Felicia, the fire lady, has lived her entire life in isolation, afraid of the strange power she possesses. Fire, which signifies danger to many, calls to her and she couldn't help but be enthralled by it. Fire doesn't hurt her and those few who witnessed this seem to be scared by her. So, Felicia has been leading her life trying to suppress her powers and blending in as much as she could. All this changes when Felicia meets Joshua, who seems to wield a special power just like her.

       When Felicia meets Joshua, the blue eyed mysterious stranger, she feels an instant pull towards him. And to add to it, he is like her and understands her. Her life begins to change when she begins to embrace her power. But life isn't too rosy for our fire girl. Just when she thinks life is finally getting better, she comes face to face with the biggest truth of her life that leaves her shaken to the core. Pick up the book and discover what happens when Felicia's world turns upside down with this revelation. 

Things I Liked:

  • As always, Devika's writing is simply brilliant. From the first book I read from her till this, I have always admired her writing and narration skills.
  • The characterization is done very well. The characters are to definitely fall for! Especially Joshua. I wish he was fire instead :D I loved the mysterious aura he has around him and oh! not to forget his irresistible blue eyes and his charms!
  • I loved the way Devika has dscribed the Dragon and the bonding between Felicia and it. It was too beautiful to read the slow but steady progress they made with each other.
  • Full points for the concept and the plot. I liked how Devika has taken something different and woven a splendid story with it.
  • Also, I liked how Devika has given attention to details. With the vivid descriptions given, you can almost picture the happenings.

Things I Disliked:

  • The boredom quotient was high at few places. When Felicia is reading the book, for instance, the pace was slow and I did get bored for some time. But once the story moves on beyond that, it was back to normal (or rather captivating)


       If you love reading paranormal romance novels, then go for this one. Devika has certainly woven enough magic in this book to leave you asking for more. Oh yes, the sequel is coming soon and I can't wait to know what's in store for Felicia and Joshua in it.

My Rating:

Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Starry Eyed Reader :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the honest and detailed review. I'm pretty sure the sequel will have less 'boredom quotient'. ;-)


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