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Hello!! Welcome to my world :) I am a B.E. student and a self declared Bibliophile. Reading has taken its toll on me and now its time I pen something myself ;) Apart from my love for books, I also love sketching, painting, singing and cooking (Well only for the occasional experiments that i make ;)) Of course, now writing top the above list! This blog is a platform for me to share my thoughts. If you like any of my posts, do stop by and leave a comment :)

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Name: The Seventh Cup 
Author: Nitesh Jai
Publisher: Cyberwit.net
Type: E-book
Number of Pages: 302
Price: 186 [INR]
Genre: Mystery

The Blurb:

       A man drinks exactly seven cups of coffee everyday in the same restaurant and believes in Mind Transportation. Two newly married Swiss detective agents arrive and begin a shocking tale of love, friendship, betrayal and death. From the colorful coasts of Goa, India to the enchanting backdrop of Zurich,Switzerland, the mystery of Verona Schmidt baffles everyone. With shocking twits and turns in every chapter, The Seventh Cup might just have the addictive flavor to stir the readers mind...may be forever !!!

My Review:


       Verona Schmidt, a history student, suddenly disappears from Switzerland without any trace. It has been 8 months since her disappearance but the CIDS has no clue about what happened to her. When detective Susanne and her husband Thomas takes up the case, slowly the mystery begins to unravel as one by one the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. But watch out! Because the final clue of this mystery will leave you completely shocked!

Things that Worked:

       I liked the set up; the way the story has another story within. Avinash's book, the story set in Goa, the clues that lead the detectives towards the criminal and then the climax which was even more shocking! The author has cooked up a perfect mystery to keep the reader engaged. The language used is simple and easy to read. The pace is normal and the narration enticing.

       I also liked the theory of 'Attraction' and the way it has been explained in this book. It does make a lot of sense. The amount of research that has been done is impressive. 

Things that didn't Work:

       The beginning!! I had to put some effort to keep reading. The story takes a lot of time to build up and there are chances that the reader might not continue with it. The story picks up pace only once it reaches the middle and I felt it was a little late! But once the reader reaches this part, the book becomes unputdownable.


       If you like reading mystery novels, this book might prove as an interesting red. Just have the patience in the beginning and let the story develop and you will enjoy the rest.

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars!

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Until the next review,
Keep Reading :)

Swathi :)


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